Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On a mission

Got up and wound bobbins. Well just a few. I needed some simple sewing to happen. Guess what more 9-patches. I had several like 20 of them left over from the last top I thought why not. 

I am slowly working on getting to the bottom of this cone of thread. I think there was 5000 yards on it. It has been used for piecing. I like this weight for bobbin thread and it is a neutral color.  I think I have one more un-open cone of this color.

My Mom is a buyer. She buys something doesn't like it and hands it to me. She used this 3 times and decided she didn't like it. My iron wasn't heating properly so she gave me this the other day. It shuts down after awhile, but it turns back on easily. So jury is out on it's performance as of yet. 

Had a tub of 2.5 inch squares and I added a few more cuts to it to have a better mixture. I had the twenty blocks left over and yesterday made another 30. Will work towards 50 more over the next few days. 

This is the 30 from yesterday. Have to designs in my head as to how I can use them up. This was a lot of gifted fabric scraps and also thrift store finds. 

Yesterday we went to  small quilt shop the next town over. Found out it has a shop owner that I went to high school with. She had a lot of Windham and RJR fabrics. We asked if she knew of a longarm quilter in the area and she had a list. We called on one and asked a lot of questions. Very helpful. So my Mom has 17 tops completed and she needs to decide what she wants to do.

So over the next couple months we need to get prep work done for her to get some of these complete. She needs backs bought and assembled and also battings purchased. So we have a source for the battings she like and we will be ordering those, but the backs we will have to travel to find.

She is 86 years old and would like to see some of them get done in her life time.
Today is visiting time for Autumn and she will be here for the afternoon. Gives Mommy a break and us some time also. Hope you have a productive day. Chris

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I have 2 Shark irons and like them a lot.