Thursday, November 13, 2014

Multi-tasking til I made myself dizzy

I usually haven two things going at once, but they are manageable. Like laundry and sewing. Well I made myself dizzy this morning. I had to stop. 

You ask what. Well I had this great idea to knit and use the exercise bike at the same time. I literally was dizzy trying the ride and knit and look what I was doing. Not a good idea to get that dizzy. I was almost sick to my stomach. 

Knitting for the first time in about a year and I had a lot of trouble with the instructions and carrying it out in my stitches. I think I ripped out the cast on and first rows almost 5 times. The number of stitches in the directions wasn't right to get the pattern right. Figured that out and then I would slip a stitch and then forget it the next time. After ripping out many times I think i have the pattern down now. I want this to be a long scarf so we will see how far I get. When I cleaned the sewing room out I found the yarn I had been looking for over a year. So this is a great way to have extra gifts made in advance, but don't do it on a exercise bike. Chris

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