Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now what do I do

Up at 3:30 am . Couldn't lay there anymore. I think I have this love hate relationship with my bed.

This last month I have had thought and searches going on in my head for Christmas gift ideas. Well today I plan on tackling a couple to get this process in motion. Part of the time my days are interrupted and I just give up and try and not get frustrated. Today I made up my mind if I sew 15 minutes it is better than no sewing at all. Those 15 minutes ad up to a finished project sooner than later.

I have my meal planned so no excuse there. I have laundry done and also got the house picked up from a little princess being here. She is pretty good about picking up. I find toys that slip behind furniture or under things days later.

It is raining this morning. Colder weather is on it's way and we are going to have to rethink our travels over the next few months. No extra trips to the store and planning for Winter is in place.

As I progress with these gifts I will take pictures. I have a couple things I need to make purchases for. Zippers are going to be the next thing on my list. I have some, but they are odd colors. I have used most of the zippers I accumulated over the half century I have sewn. That sounds really old to me, but reality.

WQell charging along on my mission you have a great day. Chris  

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