Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving

Still cooking and cleaning. I had my Granddaughters yesterday for awhile so all things got put on hold.

The turkey goes on this afternoon and I need to make a couple pies before they get here today. We are eating late because of my son working. Some of my guests maybe won't be here. Working obligations so we will have way more than we need.

I guess that is why they make freezers to have leftovers stored for future use.

Light dusting of snow right now so hopefully it won't make travel bad. I know other places have weather issues and I hope all are safe.

I'm thankful for my online friends and of course my family. Fir the most part all of us are healthy and we live comfortably. Remembers those today that are less fortunate and away from their families during this time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving. Chris

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