Monday, November 24, 2014

Lots of work, but no sewing at all.

I got up yesterday and decided the cleaning had to get done. Brushed the dust off the ceiling and the ceiling fan and all light fixtures got washed. Then onto the walls. They need painting, but I thought at least get the dust off of them.

Then the furniture and all the pictures got wiped down and down to the floor. Mind you I have things on shelves and on the Mantle and also had to clean the fireplace stone.

Well I cheated and I did throw the drapes into the dryer with a dryer sheet to get the dust out. I should have washed them and ironed them, but they have been up for 11 years and afraid they will fall apart. On my list to replace.

Still had to cook supper last night and I made a cake and frosted it yesterday also. Needless to say I hit the bed last night and I was hurting and tired. Moving furniture at my age isn't fun.

But it is a lot cleaner and if it only would stay this way. Well you know as well as I do it will be a day or so and we will see the dust again. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Goodness, I'm tired just reading it! But isn't it a great feeling to have it done. I've told the hubby many times, sometimes it's the things people don't see that make me feel the best about cleaning....