Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scrap and salvage yard kind of sewing

I got to of the long potholders or pot grabbers as we called them quilted yesterday. I used a double layer of 100% cotton batting in between the layers so no burning will happen.

The holder parts on each end are quilted with one layer because you have the hot part on the longer part for protection. These are made to not burn you arms when pulling a hot pot out of the oven. I bound the edge after quilting and stay stitched them to the trimmed edge on both ends of the pot grabber. 

The back side of the pot grabber is the same as the top. Accept it doesn't have the pockets for your hands. The curved edge is so you don't have extra bulk when grabbing the hot pot.

Today is the bias binding. Because it is curved the bias is the best way to go. I chose this large print because I don't use it in other quilting strips or squares. In cutting it on the bias you loose all the 80's flowers. Great way to use up some of the large flowery prints we have lurking in our stash. I will stitch it all down by machine so it stays secure. These pot grabbers get used and washed a lot. When these are finished I will have made three of them this last week. Need to make some more to have on hand for gifts in the future. Would be great hostess gifts or bridal shower gifts with a set of towels to go with it. Have a great day Chris 

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Katie M. said...

great way to use up scraps or no longer wanted yardage.
Just a share - I have a Christmas box that I knit or sew different things to put in throughout the year. Anyone who stops by during the Holidays is welcomed to 'grab' a gift. I call it my Christmas grab box. These would be a great addition to the box. Thanks for giving me an idea...