Thursday, November 13, 2014

Up and at it

Woke up to snow falling. I think the weather report is saying maybe an inch. Second cup of coffee and the laundry is going.This was yesterday when I was stitching the binding down on the pot grabbers. My Mother saw them and was so impressed she may make some too. 

The fabric I used for the binding was some sheeting my sister bought long time ago. I thought it would hold up well for binding because it is so tightly woven. Then the issue is stitching it because the machine can skip stitched because of the tight weave. So I zig-zagged it. Seems to have held fine.

Two are completed for the gifts I need. Extra potholders can be made also to match and then it is a set. Nice bridal shower gift. 

Then I needed to change the needle because of the sheeting. It was pinging pretty bad by the time I was done. I had used a jean needle and it still was dull. So I took the machine apart to clean and oil. OH MY GOODNESS!

Can you see the lint? Not sure what all I sewed to create this, but it was dirty. I got it all cleaned out oiled and new needle. Now it is ready to rock and roll again. +I guess cotton fabric, thread and batting all create lint. I do remember the lint from the double knits also. I think it is just part of sewing. Maintenance is necessary.

Yesterday in my travels I bought a Christmas gift. I found something I knew wouldn't be there in a couple weeks so got something for Autumn. She goes in every room in this house when she is here so I had to find a hiding place for it. I maybe will have to start taking things to my Mother's to hide. She has a walk up attic that I can use. 

Well stay warm. Only to get to 28 degrees today. 60 degrees two days ago. Chris

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