Monday, November 10, 2014

Perfectionist I'm not

 Today after having my Granddaughter for two days I looked at my house and just shutter. The wild tornado was here for a little over 30 hour. How can a toddler do this much?

She was fun, but it will take this old lady two days to undo the carnage.

Perfectionist I'm not, well there is no way I can claim that at all. I tried to do some sewing the other day and i had to rip out. Also my mind works on overtime and I end up with a migraine from burn out. LOL

I have tried to come up with some quick gift items for the kids and their parents for Christmas. I have some girl things, but the guys are more difficult. Think I found a couple things that they would use. I found some reusable hand warmers you can make. They are made small, but like the rice bag microwave heating bags. Small flannel and add rice to them. Then warm them up in the microwave. Good when you are home, but not so good when away from a microwave.

Guys are harder to buy or make gifts for. They want They want macho gifts to show you they are not weak.

Well the last of the nice days for the year is today. Low 60's are going to happen then the cold comes and stays for the rest of the Winter. Not wanting that, but if I stay in maybe I can get somethings done before the rest of the year is gone. Chris

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