Friday, November 7, 2014

Some progress

This is a casserole potholder my Grandma made 32 years ago. I think it is the last one left. She bought pre-quilted fabric and used flannel and batting to give them the insulation they needed. This one has a burn mark on it so it needs replacing. Also everyone that uses it wants one. I wasn't going to show it, but I thought why not. 

My plan is use the 9-patches which are the right width and use up some of the batting scraps I have that are cotton. She use to use polyester.  Where the red binding is straight across the potholder that is a pocket for your hands. You ran less of a chance of burning your arms with a hto casserole or pan by using this type of potholder. 

We use to do craft shows and she would make 3 dozen sets with two matching potholders and some people would buy 6 sets at a time. They were great gifts for teachers and also family members. Just another way to use scraps.

I figure I have some darker larger printed fabric I can cut for the bias binding. She use to buy double wide double folded bias tape. That was the expensive part of making these. I guess I should buy a bias tape making tool. I will for now use pins pinned to the ironing board and try that first.

After the first of the year I want to have enough inventory to get involved in a crafter's mall. It is only a few miles away my son and I think they would help out with transporting items. Need to get more information to see what the rules are.

Today is pretty much mine oh I take that back it isn't the girls are coming. Mostly to visit for a bit. My son has a seminar tomorrow not sure if we are involved in that or not. May have to watch the girls for a couple hours.

Been off my game for a couple days not felt real good. Seem to be better this morning. Hopefully the day goes well for all of you. Chris

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