Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not yet..............

Still cleaning and a grocery store run today to get the last minute things for Thursday. No sewing has happened. I have been lurking between cleaning sessions and looking at others work. OMG...... why am I not devoted more to my craft.

Well I am, but life gets in the way. Granddaughters and my husband and my Mother all take up my time. Maybe in another life I will be more accomplished and devoted to my sewing and quilting.  Wishful thinking.

Tomorrow pies need making and cut up the vegetables for the stuffing and the fresh veggie tray. Also the last minute cleaning.

Found out last night an elderly neighbor is having no contact with Family over Thanksgiving so I will take her a plate for her to eat something homemade.

Have another neighbor I need to call today after an upsetting diagnosis she received yesterday. This time of year isn't a good time to hear you are ill.

Decided I have a lot to be thankful for. Health, family and a roof over my head to start with are on top of my list. Hopefully you all are going to have a great Thanksgiving.

Going to get my list for the store honed down to make sure I have everything. Have a good day. Chris

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