Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good Lord More

This was the first I have been able to get back into Mom's and get more moved. We got a car load. This is part of the extra bedroom closet that had things started in them. Mom had gotten some of the unfinished tops out and gave them to the kids. 

Most of this backings and unfinished blocks. I still have books and other battings to get. Where in God's green earth am I going to put it all. I think I could sew for 10 years without buying anything. Hopefully after the house is finished it will happen. 

Winter is going to be coming and I really need to get thread bought and then I won't have to leave home. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

your Mom will be with you as each unfinished project is finished. get that thread girl and be ready to be hugged by Mom as you work on them.
things work out for a reason. prioritize them by how much needs to be done. then when you want quick satisfaction finish one that is almost done.
I like to switch between those that I can finish quick and those that are long term. that way I get renewed energy to press on.

Katie M. said...

Chris, Do you have room somewhere in your home for an armoir? Maybe start checking thrift stores, craigs list, etc... for some storage solutions. Maybe some 4-drawer filing cabinets that your creative hubby could paint and have different one designated for different stages of completion. As things settle, I'm sure you will come up with some ideas that will work well for you.. If you like Pinterest, there are some cute ideas there, too...