Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I need to go back to school

First off can't find my camera yet. I have looked everywhere and I am sure I overlooked it. Second of all I need schooling. I have this new to me smart phone and can't figure out how to send pictures to my email. I am sure the two year old could figure it out, but not me. LOL

You can almost see the top of my kitchen and dining room tables. Well almost. They were piled really high yesterday. Goal today is to get them cleaned off. I also am thinking the one dumping ground counter top is maybe where the phone is. This should be interesting to get this job done because the two little girls are coming to grandma's for most of the day.

Mom and Dad have to work. Next week I think they are going to get them into daycare. This will be three days a week. And they can handle the rest of the time between jobs.

We got a big dumpster sitting in our driveway. Yes we are getting the roof torn off and new roofing put on. My husband isn't up to doing it himself this year so we have hired someone to do it. Hopefully he can start in the next couple days. We had rain yesterday so he couldn't get his last job done. Also he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. So by Friday maybe he will be here.

Lots going on. The house got closed on and we got the Death Certificates we were waiting on so I can finish the estate things up over the next week or so. If there was going to be a problem it happened to be my problem. Things got delayed and it had to be in a certain order and it was all backwards.

The next major thing is sending paintings and framed pictures to my brother. I have no way of packing them so have to find a pack and ship place. I think I have a couple to choose from.

Wish I could find my camera. One more effort today and then I think a new one is in order. Then I will buy a new one and the old one will show up. Just my luck. The old one is getting well worn. Chris

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