Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thought I would sleep in......

Thought I would sleep in and yet I got up the same time as usual. Rest was fitful. I ended up more times than usual waking up.

The real kicker to this whole thing is every bone and muscle in my body hurts today. I guess I was running on adrenalin and over looking my aches. Well today they hit me and I have so much to get done in the next couple weeks.

Thank you for your kind words. We are doing ok. When I get to the house it might be different. I still have to finish the sewing room and get things boxed up to ship to my brother. When he was here he flew an I said I would get things packed and ship to him. We also are going to have a rummage sale to get rid of other things.

I think my daughter-in-law is coming today to help with some of that. We will get things out in the garage to get marked and advertise for the sale in the next week.

The hang up we have had is the sale of the house. The buyers were to have inspections done and they for what ever reason didn't get done on time. Also they haven't completed all the necessary things for the final closing and now that my Mother has passed we maybe will have to wait for the closing until after the will is probated. Things never go as planned.

For those of you who are not familiar to what has gone on my Mother had a three different kinds of breast cancer and it was very aggressive. She was 87 years old and the Doctor told her at 80 years old not to go through anymore mammograms. Which was a big mistake.

On Christmas Eve she found a very large lump and it was down hill from there. I can't emphasize enough to get the exams done even though you are older. It is your body and you have the right to make it happen.

Now if I can find time to get to my sewing room and get this completed it would be a blessing.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts. We open a new page in our lives today. Chris



Rebecca said...

Achy body can be part of the whole loss and grieving process.
A long hot bath with a couple of hands of Epson salts and setting quite for a bit with a glass of wine or cup of tea will help.

Carol said...

You will find the extra strength you need to get through trying days....i have lost parents and 2 husbands and things became a blur with all the activity that was going on....take care..have a little time for you.

sewyouquilt2 said...

just remember even when there are tons of things to do, one step at a time.
thats what they always said. you eat an elephant one bite at a time.
take it easy and take half hour a day for YOU. that is not much but will give you renewed energy. I take it every morning before going to is MY time for ME because if I am not well I can not take care of my family.