Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still working at it

Still haven't found the camera. I know it hasn't left the house so will still look. If not I have thought about a new one, but haven't even looked at any new ones.

My mind is at a stand off with it's self.  Let me explain. If I get id of something will I regret getting rid of it in a month? If I keep it will I ever use it again? My Mother's theory was if she didn't use it in 6 months she would get rid of it. Well do you realize how many times she had to go out and replace something. So who is right????

This is going to be a me day. Recovering my house is first on the list and it maybe will take a long time to get through everything. I want to say to heck with everything and sew, but I know my husband wouldn't like that. I will make an effort to deal with the living area of the house and make it presentable.

You know this isn't my first rodeo of moving someone and getting their leftovers. I have helped my in-laws twice move and also some close friends. Leftover things when you live on a tight budget it good, but then if I don't need it I pass it on.

The sewing stuff I can always use. The fabric if ugly can be cut up small and it fits in someplace. Off to clean another table off. Chris

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Katie M. said...

There are some things I say toss if not used in a designated time frame. Fabric - if it's quilting fabric - I hold on to. If it's garment type fabric, I donate it....