Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Oh My

Went looking for my camera and can't find it. Every flat surface in my kitchen and dining area are covered with stuff.

Moving is not a pleasant thing to recover from. Now the purging continues. We got rid of a lot of stuff. We have a church local that accepts furniture and clothing for battered women. They help women get out on their own after fleeing bad relationships. Also what doesn't work for that group then they give to displaced families to use.

So three truck loads have gone to them. It is clean and in good usable state. It maybe is an older style but when you are desperate for furniture you accept anything to male life more normal.

Today is the closing so I plan on trying to get my counters and tables cleaned off. I have a stack of towels an also some sheets and I need to determine if it is something I want or can pass on.

My Mother never wore anything out, but she would get tired of something and buy new. So there is extra stuff.  Sometimes the kids don't want it because it isn't their style.

Now the search is on for the camera. I had it yesterday. LOL Chris

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