Friday, September 18, 2015


My husband took these quickly so they aren't real clear. This is my younger Sister and Brother. They both came from out of state to see my Mother in her final hours. It was very hard for them to leave. My Brother is from AZ. So it was really hard on him. My Sister is from WI.

My Brother is a real estate dealer in AZ. My Sister is retired. It was hard to say good bye to each other because we are all getting older. My Brother and I were very close growing up and he hung onto me for quite a while. Sad day, but we enjoyed talking old times over with Mom and among ourselves.  

It can be a matter of hours or just a few days and she will be gone. It is hard to see the struggling for each breath, but she says she isn't in pain. That is my only wish for her at this point. Chris

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