Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Quilt tops

 This top is only showing one quarter of it. The center is using the light aqua and the outer edges are the darker aqua. This is a top my Step Father piece.
This simple blue patches is a scrap user. This is one quarter of the top. I really don't have a big enough area to open them up for photos. 

This is a log cabin with two prints. It will make a statement with quilting on it. I have an idea for the quilting on this one. I might do this one by hand to make more of a statement.

I have several others that are started, but not into a top configuration as of yet.

This has been a couple busy days. I have my sister coming today to get some more of the things from the house. She has a 4 hour trip to get here and 4 hours back home. At least my niece is coming with her to get the things she wanted.  It is coming closer to getting done, but it is a long ways from completing everything.

Closing up accounts and finalizing everything has to wait on death certificate and we still don't have a solution to that. My family is so stressed over all this. But it is what it is. Chris

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