Monday, September 7, 2015

Today the hard stuff starts

I have this generic cabinet and older Singer machine in the sewing room. I need to get it cleaned up and moved out of the room. I am getting a larger cabinet and my Mother's machine in the next few days and the work needs to start here.

I have so much stuff for a tiny space and something has to go. I have worn this machine out. The bobbin winder stopped working like 4 years ago. It stitches fine, but the machine is just tired. It did alterations for 4 years and quilting for 12 years so it has more than a million miles of sewing on its motor and internal works.

Mom's machine is older, but not used near as much. So I will get in there and start working today. Even if I just get that corner cleaned and work on the rest over the next couple days.

We had a lot of company yesterday and we are all worn out. The Grandkids were here for Supper last night and they were all wound up. Katie was eating pizza like she was 4 years old. She ate all of Dad's and he had to get more three times.

Just a few weeks ago she wouldn't even eat anything. Amazing how quickly they change. Have a Good Labor Day. I am cleaning. Chris

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