Friday, September 25, 2015

quilts tops

 These are quilt tops that my Step Father made. Not sure of the name of this block. He loved to piece.
 Here is the close up of this scrappy quilt.
 My Mother loved Log Cabin quilts. She made this one.
My Step Father made this color washed quilt top.

 Closer detail
The center of the color wash.

I would call this a modified court house steps.

Lots of scraps in this quilt.

With a couple borders most will make queen sized quilts. I have my work cut out for myself getting these and all the other ones I have done to get them quilted. 

There is quite a legacy of quilting that happened in my Family. I taught my Mom to quilt. She use to do crazy quilt blocks, but never a designed block. She then in turn taught my Step Father. I told you I would share. 

The day yesterday was very frustrating. The Coroner of the County I live in is holding up the Death Certificates of my Mother and it will cause issues in closing on the house. The Funeral home didn't fill out the paperwork on the prepaid cremation correctly so we had to jump through hoops for that also. 

I was so proud of my self getting things in order as we were told they would be and to find all this out yesterday is overwhelming. Lesson Learned check and recheck everything. The sad part is at the moment of death the power of attorney goes away. sop my hands are tied. Until the will is probated. One good thing was the Attorney was pleased that I had completed everything correctly. It is all the other parties that haven't done their job. Chris    


Cheralee Stover said...

I cam to your blog because it was the first entry after I searched for "sewing on a Juki"... It's funny how Google works sometimes. I clicked and began reading. I am so very sorry for your loss. My mother and I don't speak anymore and I know that hearing your account might make some families reach out to patch things up...well, it just makes me regret that we won't. I quilt and sew as well and I am fascinated by male quilters. I love that color wash quilt top you have pictured. When I was purchasing my home, it was a long drawn out affair and the previous owner passed while we were trying to close as well. From a buyer point of view, I dreaded the additional delay, but I hope your situation will be resolved to your benefit. I want to say that I enjoyed reading about your life, but the circumstances aren't happy, of course. I enjoyed the chance to "meet" you, instead. That sounds better! Take care, Chris.

sewyouquilt2 said...

what lovely treasures from your Mom and Step Father. and how awesome that they both enjoyed quilting. you have some beautiful quilts to finish up and enjoy along with memories of those who made them.
a quilt "hug" from your Mom. take care and know that even though things may not work the way we want them to, there is a higher plan and things will all work out.