Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sitting here quietly. Don't want to be on the run so early this morning. Mom was up way to early yesterday, but she felt better.

It is pouring cats and dogs here. We are suppose to get up to three inches this morning. The grass is really dry here. We watered trees the other day and they just drank it up.

My husband felt sorry for me yesterday so he went in with the vac and cleaned the ceiling fan and cleaned the floor up for me. I was trying to manage laundry cleaning and my Mother. He can be a sweetheart. Please don't tell him I said that though. LOL

Boy with this weather this morning I sure ache. Arthritis is not a fun thing to deal with. I want to just quit the cleaning and sit and sew, but I have to get the rest of the room in order to the cabinet here. We are running out of time.

My days are running into each other and they are growing short. My brother and sister are coming next week and I have a lot that has to be done.

We are trying to sell my car. WE are going to buy my Mother's and I would like to get that done before much longer. I maybe should just buy it and get it titled and insured and then it is done.

I have to go to my Mother's tonight. She has sold her Grandfather's clock and it is going to get moved today. So plan on getting another car load of stuff while they are doing that move. The lady that bought it is having a furniture company employees to move it for her.

Still rain, but my husband is up. He didn't sleep in. Can't win. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

take time for a cuppa coffee or some time out to relax. you cant always run run run and it will get done. just prioritize. each day the priority could change but that is ok too.
bless you and hang in there.