Sunday, September 20, 2015

ok Now what do I do with it?????

These are the tubs of fabric.

What am I suppose to do with all this?

I am having trouble finding a spot for it in the house. It is in the garage and I don't like it out there because of the bugs.

Frustrated because I would like to get it moved in here and get some satisfaction out of saying I got something done.

My Mother's house maybe is not going to happen as planned also. If she passes before the closing we have to probate the will. Minimum of 30 day extension then. Not sure buyers are willing to wait.

Plans and they are dead in the water for now. Never can win. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

it will all work out in the end. dont worry. just take one day, one problem at a time. do you have some quilts that need backs? looks like you have them now. that clears stash fast.
I have the same problem. I am going to organize once I can get my vacation time in and then will store the rest in the shed. I have them in rubbermaid totes in there and they stay ok. I just wash them as I go to use them. I was "shopping " in there last night looking for some Christmas greens and voila! found some. (insert happy dance here)
take it easy