Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Not a whole lot of news

The days run into each other. I catch myself coming and going. Been on the road twice today and have to go back again.

Took my husband for an eye checkup. He knows the routine because his Father was an Optometrist for 42 years. So I could leave him alone and I ran home for Mom. He will call and I will go get him and pay for the glasses.

I still don't know what to cook for supper. Might be a night we get sandwiches. I have been on the run since 7:30 am cleaning and getting her house ready to show tonight. A couple is in town and wants to see the inventory available.

We still have to replace a disposal. It went on the blink. And finish cleaning out cabinets and cupboards. Otherwise some stuff will stay until it is sold.

Then the rush will be on to get the rest of the stuff out.

So that is what my days are like. I do have wash going on. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

I wish I were there to help you. it is tough cleaning out a house and having places to put things.
if there are things that Mom doesnt want or need and you dont have room for, is it possible to donate in your area? or sell for extra money to do something special for Mom?
keep your chin up. my hubs is in nursing home and cant come home till they regulate his sugar. we had no idea he was diabetic. now we learn all about that next week so we can give shots, do menus etc. never a dull moment is it?