Sunday, September 27, 2015

I am here and exhausted

I woke up hurting so badly this morning. This old body doesn't like all this moving. We went in and filled the car another time this morning. We came home ate a bite and both of us took a nap. I got up and I need to unload the car.

The next load is to pick up pictures that need packed and shipped to my Brother. He flew here so he didn't have a way to get them back.

Tomorrow I pick up a moving truck a small one and we get the rest out of the house and we will be done with it. This has been the longest month of my life.

Monday we are selling a car and the man will be here after he gets off work to pay for it. Tuesday the dumpster is coming to be here because on Wednesday the roof on our house will be getting started. The lumber yard will be here to place the shingles up on the roof. They will be doing a tear off. We have some replacement of wood that has to happen. So with the dumpster here if I have anything to get rid of it will go into the dumpster.

Then hopefully we can just plan on taking it easy and lead a somewhat normal life. If that is possible. Looking forward to "Normal " time. LOL Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

normal will happen soon. you have done a good job of getting things in order. soon you will reap the rewards of some beautiful quilts made by both you and your Mom.