Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2 inch squares and strips

Lots of pictures so get your favorite drink and you can watch this use of 2 inch squares and 2 inch strips.I always have a bucket of 2 inch squares around. That is part of my cutting when I cut down scraps.

This is a bucket of 2 inch strips. I thought  come up with something to use this mess up. 

I stitched 3- 2 inch squares together and pressed the three. 

I then dug in the bucket with the strips. Find a contrast and do some more cutting.

I cut 2 more 2 inch squares of the fabric strip and then 2- 2 inch X 8 1/2 inch strips. Yes the strips are over kill but I wanted to trim to be square on the ends. 

This is what the finished block looks like. It appears a little on the modern side. The block is 5 1/4 inches X 8 1/4 inch blocks. The really neat thing about this block is you can use what ever size squares and strips you want. 

They stitch up quickly. This is about and hours worth of stitching. But remember I have the strips already cut other than the squares from the strips for the outside round of color. 

This is about and hour and 15 minutes of stitching, pressing, and trimming. I can see crib quilts, lap robes and also couch quilts along with whatever size quilt you want. Sometimes we need just a simple and quick quilt pattern to make a quick gratification quilt. 

It is going to be colorful and yet it is using up strips that are just sitting there waiting to be used. Step outside the box and make rectangles for blocks. You could sash this or just sew them together. So many possibilities.

Suppose to rain here today, but it maybe won't come this directions. They say that maybe we will miss it. Because the weather front is fizzling out. So we will wait and see where the front goes from where we are. 

Hope this idea gives you another idea to use up squares and strips you maybe already have setting and waiting for the right idea to strike. Chris


Jean said...

Thank you for this pretty idea. Keep on keeping on.

sewyouquilt2 said...

love the way you think. nice quilt coming along

Katie M. said...

I like it! Scrap quilts are my favorites yet I rarely take the time to pull my scraps and do anything with them... Maybe my life will slow down and I can get some scrap sewing done... Thanks for sharing!