Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ok This is my story

Yes I have a story to tell. I am up and not sure why.

Yesterday I was miserable. The weather was very hot and humid. We did get storms last night coming through, but they were not real strong right here.

If you have ever been a migraine sufferer you know changing weather can cause unrest with your headaches. I really didn't have a headache or migraine, but I was really uneasy.

My arthritus was acting up and I think that is what was going on. When I get that uncomfortable I just sit and can't function well. I tried to hand stitch and the colors I had out didn't work well so I ripped out a bunch of that. I went into the sewing room and found some more color combinations, but it still wasn't my thing to work with them.

I finally went to bed and I just laid their. I couldn't sleep. Golden years aren't so golden sometimes.

Well onto today. I am here, but not sure what the day will bring. I still have a load of laundry to do. I need to run the vacuum and figure out meals. Other than that no plans are made.

I need to get back to machine quilting and getting a tutorial finished on the quilt as you go process. Maybe I can work on that today. I do need to go to the fabric store and find a black mini dot for sashing for the blocks.

Well I hope none of you experience this uneasy feelings like I get. It isn't something that is pleasant to deal with. Normally I am busy on the computer or hand stitching, but nothing worked last night.

Have a Gerat day. Chris  


Carol said...

I do think the weather had a lot to do with your feeling Chris...yestreday we got bad storems here...took some trees in town...i wasn't feeling good the night before and sufferened with extra arthritis pain that left after the storms did...hang in there...sewing times will be better...good luck with your tutorial...

Katie M. said...

sometimes it is just a case of the "blahs"... it's not that you don't feel bad, you just don't feel yourself. No matter what you work on, it just isn't what you want to do... Sort of like you're walking in circles and just not getting anywhere. When that happens to me - I read! Let a good book just take me away for awhile.
Hope you're doing better now.

sewyouquilt2 said...

sorry about your migraines and not sleeping. not fun at all. heres hoping you are back in the saddle again real soon.

FairviewFarm said...

I hope you're feeling better today. The last two nights I've been restless too with more sciatica pain and cramping in my legs. I think it's due to the weather. As soon as the weather gets sunny and warm again I'll feel better.

If you have one or two to share, I'd love to see pictures of your flower and landscape beds now that you have the new mulch in place.

Thank you for your tutorials for the scrap quilts you make. I save each one for future reference.