Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another find redone and hanging

Several months ago I bought a vintage mirror from a consignment store. It needed to be refinished and I 
knew it would work for a certain place in my house. This is the stamped manufacturers label on the back of the mirror.  It was made and dated Feb. 22, 1935. It was a huge mirror company.

He got the mirror put back in the frame and showed me the label. The finish that was on it was coming off. 

We got it hung up in the master bathroom. We had a cheap mirror in there and it just didn't fit. 

My reflection and the flash showed up, but you can see it is a nice looking mirror now. We know the wood in the frame is walnut and had rich toned to it. I just love it. I paid $20 for the mirror and he finished it today. I keep looking for certain items and when I find them at a good price I jump on the  quick.

Tomorrow I will show you the corner shelf I found at a rummage sale and what it looks like now. I forgot to take pictures before he started.

I just got a nice compliment from my Daughter-in-law. I try and help them out with purchases I see on sale or rummage sale items I know they will use. I also have taught her how to can and freeze food and also to do some major cooking for family and seminars my son holds. She said a huge thanks to me for all my help. She is baking zucchini bread to freeze now and also knows how to grate it and freeze it in the amounts she needs for future use.

I told her I had no one to teach me. I read a lot and also ask questions of others. I learned a lot from cooking shows and PBS has some good programs on different foods and ethnic cooking.

I have more sewing done, but this is like picture overload today with my earlier post. Chris

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