Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why is life so tough?????

Have had a tough time dealing with things of late. Yes probably a little cabin fever with the heat and taking things out on myself. Family issues and things I can't control. So I am picking myself up and going to do a little retail therapy today. Nothing special just monthly shopping for the house and groceries. Slowly as I feel up to it I have been doing some stitching by hand. I am keeping my hands busy even though my mind is stuck in gloom and doom mode. I think today after  my shopping adventure I plan on doing some cutting. I need to get some variety  in my strips I use for these flowers and stars.

I still need to border this one with the tan fabric. I would love to go to the fabric shop and spend $500, but that isn't in my cards. I have fabric and I have been trying to control my urge to feel free to spend, but that isn't me. I try to be practical and other things need doing first.

I am going to go buy school supplies for my Grandkids for the start of school which is just around the corner.  Three high schoolers and they need this and that which is way more than what we needed when we were in school.

The school two of them are in requires you to bring printer paper. Their budgets are so low because of the condition of the budget in our State, {Illinois} It is sad, but it is also hard to not have the things you need to compete at school. The Salvation Army in our area is collecting extra supplies for kids whose parent can't afford all that they need. If you have a good heart and can help ask the schools if they take donations or check the Salvation Army in your areas. Sometimes getting good grades means paper and pencils that the other kids already have and they don't have.

The State of Affairs for this Country is in the news all day long, but we need to help where we can. Our future in our Children and their education is very important to us all. Chris

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. It resonates with me. i have been going back thru your blog to see the pictures of your quilts and read.

I understand about life being difficult. I know you are trying hard to be happy. I hope that today is better for you.

I will tell you that reading your blog has stimulated to sew today. Thank you.

saw a star block and I m going t try t make one now.
Thank you.

Kathy (on most blogs i usually sign Kathleen Mary but I feel we would really get along if we lived closer.)

ps I have not wrote on my blog in two weeks