Sunday, July 3, 2016

Did a ton of machine quilting on crazy blocks

I had kinda of a bad day. It was gray and overcast out all day. Temp was 69 degrees for the high. I ached so bad I took a stronger pain pill which I very seldom take and decided to sit and sew. I didn't take any pictures just more decorative stitching on the crazy/crumb blocks. In-between doing laundry and washing dishes and sewing I helped my husband do a major project. We ordered a bracket to hang a TV on. It had to articulate to make the TV look like it was hanging on and angle in the corner. We live in a manufactured home and the wallboard isn't standard size so we had to really add support to get it to be secure. So a trip to the hardware store was in order. 

But the job got done and the TV is hanging on the wall. We had to balance it between two doorways and the corner of the room. Thank goodness for Amazon and two day shipping. If and when the room will be used for a sick room we will have this job done and you can lay in bed and watch TV. 

Today hopefully will be quiet. We have some picking up to do after yesterdays work and I will get the rest of the blocks stitched. I need to layout the ones that are completed and see how far they will go. I think I have a couple extra ones so they will not get completed. They will go into the drawer for the next one. That is the nice thing about these blocks no two are the same. So you can save any extra ones for a later project. 

I think I picked out what I need for the sashing on these blocks. I have a fabric that I can use already in my stash. That doesn't happen very often. It needs pressing and then I can measure the amount before I cut and see if it is going to be enough.  

The sun is coming up later each day. Summer is here and the Fall season will be here before we know it. I drove through the country the other day and I know the saying is corn  to be knee high by the 4th of July well here it is above my head already and I am 5'6" tall. So I think it made it. 

Well need to figure out meals today. We are going to be just the two of us. I have been looking through recipe websites for good salad recipes and everything is mayo or Italian dressing. Not a big Italian dressing person. 

I might make a macaroni salad using Thousand Island dressing and see how that goes over. Well have a great day Chris

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