Saturday, July 23, 2016

I haven't melted yet

I haven't melted yet, but close. We have one more day of this excessive heat. It is 101 heat indexes right now outside at my house. The heat and humidity are oppressive. This is the current star that I am working on. I stitched a couple stars in place along with the connecting flowers today. The little dark thing to the right of the pieces is my thimble. The papers measure 1/2 inch on a side. They are about the size of a nickle. 

Here is a closer look at the thimble with the small hexies. I baste the papers in the hexagon shapes and then I take them out when stitched next to another section. I recycle the hexagon papers until they are to weak to hold the folded seam allowances to the back.

There are bad storms in my area again and we are to get more of the rain and storms tonight shortly. so I wanted to post and not have the computer on during the storm.

I got the sashing fabric for the quilt as you go quilt. Maybe I can stitch some of it up tomorrow and get my pictures taken to show you how I plan on doing it. I am sure others have done this method, but this is the easiest way I think to finish the quilt.

I will take pictures and write a text to go along with it. So stay tuned unless I melt before I get it done. Chris

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Julierose said...

Your heat is on its way to our State tomorrow i hear! I love your little hexies--that purple star is gorgeous...nice work hugs stay cool as you can Julierose