Friday, July 22, 2016

Nothing was planned today, but........

Yesterday we determined one of the two toilets in the house wasn't working right. After every attempt imaginable we decided to remove it and see if something was caught in it. Couldn't find anything. So it is sitting out in the backyard next to the Lawn of the Month sign and we went to look for a replacement one. One place would not even help us. We left and found one at the small lumber yard in our area. Got it home and it was perfect and lower priced than the big box store was. So that got installed.  The rest of the day we tried to recover. Last night we lost electricity with 99 degree temps. A huge and very noisy storm came through and we got an inch of rain and after 6 hours of no A/C we got electricity at 3:23 this morning. At 1 am I got up and opened a window so I could sleep a little better. It was cooler outside than in. 

We got up to lots of leaves and small limbs all over out yard. So I picked up all that the maintenence guys would pick up and we went shopping. Some people lost trees and in the old Kmart store parking lot was a staging station for the
Electric Co. Lots of service trucks and large trailers with transformers and a trailer with parts. It was still there at 5 pm tonight. 

I sat this afternoon after supper and started stitching on the hexies. I did stitch a larger star flower to the main piece and that takes forever to accomplish. Lots of twists and turns to get that done. I then started on the tan border on this piece and my hands were getting tired and I needed to turn on a light. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more sewing done, but we will see what comes up. This is what happens when you are retired. You have plans and they don't work out or you plan nothing and are super busy. 

Stay cool we have two more days of this extreme heat here. Chris

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Julierose said...

Ohmygosh, Chris--what a miserable time you've had. It was 75 degrees here
at 7 am--but we have electricity--thank heavens. I love how your hexies are coming--they do take a whole lot of turning and fingers got tired holding the seams even; I use those little red plastic clips to hold them now at the corner intersections...hugs, and hope you cool down soon Julierose