Thursday, July 28, 2016

Now I did it

News on baby we still don't know. The heart rate indicates a boy, but we have to wait four more weeks to find out.

Now back to what I have done or not done. I am wore out from having the two little ones overnight. Laundry and dishes and picking up is done so-so. WE still have some picking up to do, but we can walk through without killing ourselves.

I sat in the glider rocker and started looking at sewing rooms Judy Martin the quilter has saved to her pins on Pinterest. I am just sick. Yes you heard me. So many lovely rooms and organized sewists and or quilters out there.

I am really jealous and yet my system is working if I would ever get it all in one room and keep it straightened up. I am not a good picker upper especially after myself.

I see storage plans and ideas that make sense. I see arrangements that are wonderful, but they are much larger spaces than what I have. I guess I need to lock myself in the sewing room and just sew to make space. I haven't sewn much this last week.

I would like to start all over with different cabinets and storage containers, but I don't think I would gain any space maybe even loose some. I will live with what I have and maybe tweak it a little as I get more of it sewn up.  I am emptying some containers up which is a good thing until I start cutting again.

Always room for improvement. I am not a perfectionist and I am not quilting for a living. I don't think I have the dedication to do this for a living. I enjoy the process and that is why I keep doing it.

I have done a couple commissioned quilts and hated the deadlines. I self impose on myself and I get panicky. I need to jump around to keep myself motivated.

Well I am going to get up in the morning after a good nights rest and see if I can make some sense of my mess. Chris

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Carol said...

A person can always dream of better things but if something is working that is a good sewing room will always be messy...I go from one thing to another all the use putting things away and get right out again...I do know where everything is though it doesn't look like I should....just keep sewing you will settle in the way you want it or you may have already...