Thursday, July 21, 2016

S-L-O-W stitching today

Adding some  more to this a little at a time. It was a stay inside day. A few minutes ago the weather showed the heat indexes was 112 degrees. The humidity and the temp are awful They talked about corn sweat today. Corn as it grows produces a sweat that creates heavy humidity. This happens when the temps are really high. We live in the middle of a corn field. 

Lots of slow stitching going on. I haven't wanted to do much at all. I have dishes to do and a pile of laundry and maybe in the morning early I can make myself do it. 

My grandson is employed detassling corn. It is a hot job and they go through the corn fields and pull the tassels off of the corn so it goes to seed for next years crop. It is a job done by teenagers in our area. They can't do it with machinery. They let the kids go home early today because of the heat. 

Tomorrow is another day. Chris

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