Saturday, July 16, 2016

Found my leaders and enders

I went digging in the mess still left in the extra bedroom and found my tote with the leader and enders I had started. It is lozenges with a twist. I didn't like the look with white and black corners I used several black corners. It gives it a different look. 

When I cut my strips I cut a lot of 2.5 inch strips then I cut them the length I need for the lozenges. I then cut 1.5 inch squares of the black fabric and have them ready to stitch. I had dozens sewn, but not pressed. As you can see the different black corner pieces for these lozenges. The black makes the color just pop when they are all sewn together. 

The tutorial will have to wait on the quilt as you go blocks. I have had a lot of expense this month and the checkbook is a little slim. Maybe next week I can get out and take care of that purchase. 

Going to cook some steaks for supper. Chris 

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