Sunday, July 3, 2016

Making it work

24 of these blocks are stitched now. So I can start getting the layout to figure out what it will look like. 

I trimmed all the batting back to the size of the blocks, but left the backing alone for now. I plan on cutting the backing to all be the same size. I will then stitch the backing together so I can then add a strip of batting and then strip of sashing to be stitched in place. I know it sounds confusing. I will show you when I get the steps gone through and take more pictures. 

I have these two pieces in my stash that can be used for sashing. I like the blacker one, but my husband thinks the flowers are to random and will cause a visual problem. 
With his Parkinson's Disease his eyes don't focus as easy on the grand overall image, but on the little things. They say it is a problem with the deterioration of the nerves in the eyes. He does know that it will be given to one of the little girls for her bed so I guess use the one I like first. 

I have to press and cut the strips and then starch again to give a crisp edge to actually top stitch onto the raw edges of the blocks. I think I will bind it in a solid or the floral prints. 

I like the fact that it is quilted and not wrestling with the whole quilt. Basically this is just the finishing of the quilt. So maybe this next week early I will have a quilt to bind. 

Today has started and we just have ourselves to worry about. So if we don't eat meals on time it isn't a crime. Not even sure what I am going to fix. 

Might need to fix a one skillet meal and be done with it for the day. Maybe smoke sausage tomatoes, carrots, pasta and a sweet and sour sauce. Sounds good to me. Chris

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Sally: Starflash Quilts said...

Looking forward to seeing how this will work as my next large top will be done using quilt as you go, first time!