Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I told you I needed to finish the cleaning of the extra bedroom. Well in the process I found these pages that my Mother made. She would doodle and she didn't always have the money to buy quilting books so she would use paper and colored pencils and make geometric designs for use in making 9-patches. 

She made a sample quilt with the designs she drew in these pages. I have a good design to make another sampler quilt. She made hers out of cranberry reds and also cream color prints. I wonder what it would look like in a colors, but them the designs maybe wouldn't stand out well.

There is 10 pages of these designs. This is the way the quilters did before computers and all the printed patterns. So I will attempt to get fabric lined up for a sample quilt. I think this would be a fun project.

Don't forget pencil and paper for another design element when getting ready for a new quilt. Chris

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