Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Got housecleaning done

I made myself get the housecleaning done. Jeff was outside and mowing so perfect time to get the cleaning done. It turned out so hot that we just stayed in the rest of the day. The next few days are just going to be horrible. At 6 am the humidity is 100% today.So small stuff got done over the weekend. We had visitors with little hands so I put most of it up. Pins and needles fascinate my little girls. When they get a little older we will work with sewing, but not yet. 

This picture looks so bright, but it isn't this bright. It is a deep purple and I have been trying to find a coordinating fabric to make this flower larger. This is a slow process and I do not want to buy any fabric for this quilt top. I prefer to make it completely from the fabric I have. 

Today I have to figure out meals and then try and stay cool. I need to go buy some stamps and I just hate the thought of going out. Tomorrow is my errand day and I know I will have to make some stops and I just dread that trip. I think the stamps can wait until then. 

The usual laundry and dishes and then maybe some more sewing will be in order.  I need to measure some fabrics for backs for the tops that are ready to quilt. Maybe I can manage to piece some of those so I can pin baste them for quilting. Always something I can find to do. Chris 

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