Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some stitching

This pile of leaders and enders was needing to be pressed and while i was pressing I stitched some of them together. I know it is suppose to be leaders and enders. I need to cut some more of the larger logs.  

The size I am making is 2.5 inches X 5.5 inches with the black squares they are 1.5 inches square. So as I cut strips I just cut the lengths that I needed for this lozenges. 

The black is dramatic against the colors in this section. I am back to cutting pieces for the corners and some variety for the log parts. If you have them cut you can continue the leaders and enders technique.

Not sure how far this one is going to go. I can keep this up for awhile. As long as I have the repeating black triangles it can be stitched none stop. 

This is going to be an ongoing project. Chris

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