Saturday, April 29, 2017

Another one done after some slight hitches.

It is complete. I decided to bring the back of the quilt around to the front to make a flatter binding. In doing so I cut one to short. So had to make facings and then stitch to the front to catch the red border. 

It took a little longer, but this way it is sewn down securely by machine. It is 46.5 inches X 35 inches. It will be used in the playpoen for naps. Or used to be carried around as kids like to do when they start walking. 

We think Charlotte is cutting teeth already. Her fist is in her mouth all the time and she is drooling like crazy. Her Daddy had teeth when he was four months old. 

Gloomy day suppose to get more rain today. Turn on the lights and keep sewing. Chris

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