Monday, April 3, 2017

Very little stitching has happened.

You saw these back in March. I have all of them done for this quilt. 

Still working on correcting the 4-patches that should be 9-patches. I need 220 of them total for a border. I think I have 50 of them corrected. Some day right???

This is my desk top. Trying to keep working on these to get something completed. That is a goal I don't seam to accomplish well.....

There are 110 of each block needed and I have about 25 of each of them done. I stop and cut some more for variety to go onto a different job. 

I used my new cutting mat from Fiskar and really like it. I changed blades to help with the process. I think I need to order more blades from Amazon. They are cheaper that way and I can order larger quantity that way. No I am not affiliated with Amazon. We live rural and sometimes it is the only way to get supplies. 

I had the Pink Squad yesterday for about 5 hours and then mom and Dad and big brother came for supper last night. So we were busy. 

I am still sore in a few spots from falling, but I ran the vacuum in the living room today. On the road to recovery. Chris


Jean said...

A little sewing is better than none at all. We've had the same cloudy dreary weather here in Iowa too, so I understand your struggles.

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