Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trimming, Trimming, Trimming.....

Sounds like Dory on Finding Dory. I will tell you i have tried every method of making HST's while making the Million  HST's for this current top. I have trimmed and trimmed to make them right. I have tried the paper method the adding of 3/8 inch to the size I made and I tried the 7/8 inch the Internet suggested, boy was that sure wrong. Also I used the Triangle papers to make them. Nothing is perfect.  

I have trimmed and straightened. Changed my presser foot and marked the lines on the blocks and on the bed of the machine. But I still have slivers that need to be taken off. 

This is just from a fraction of the 2.5 inch HST blocks I have made. 

I am thinking this isn't going to be a bed sized quilt because I am tired of the trimming. I am close to having enough for a good sized lap quilt. 

So to get back to which method I liked. I cut the squares 3/8 inch larger than my size I need and cut them in half diagonally. I have just a sliver to trim so that isn't to bad. 

I do not like the tube method of making them, Forgot that left bias edges. The others I can deal with, but the older method works as well and as fast as any other. 

Tomorrow I have some picking up to do in there. I had a stack of papers in there and it slide off due to my big backside. So sorting that out and putting it in the right folders. 

I think this Internet with all the quilt ideas and tutorials on it is my down fall. I have been looking less and less because I will never live long enough to make everything. LOL. Right Hettie???


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Hettie Pringle said...

What can I say? At this stage in my life with so many "You may not's" looking around on the internet is about my safest option!