Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Was going to sew all day, but......

Yes I was going to sew all day, but the girls are coming while Mom does errands. so that will get put on hold. I made strip sets to cut into 1.5 inch cuts. Pressing and then pairing them up for variety. 

I think I cut enough for 7 more blocks. It take 12- 4-patches for each block. 

 Here is the blocks with the black sashing. I need to do a better job of pressing them, but you can see how they look.
They have the string blocks sewn next to them on point. It will be a busy quilt. not sure I would ever make another one. I think this experience was enough. I like small pieces, but this was a lot of bobbins. Maybe over 20 bobbins just to do the piecing. 

The sun is out and the girls will want to be outside. We need to mow so I will get the stroller out for the baby and we will all get some fresh air. Have a Great Day. Chris

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