Thursday, April 13, 2017

Strip sets

Strip sets made from 2.5 inch strips. I have been sewing full width when I have them together. It is for 6.5 inch blocks for a rail fence block that is modified. Sometimes I don't have a full length so I add a 2.5 inch square. Might as well cut them off for 9-patches. 
 I have 5 of them pieced and pressed waiting to be diced up. I do a few then go back to sewing them again.
I have about 46 strip blocks cut.. I plan on 80, but that is a guess. 8 blocks X 10 blocks. Maybe it will be bigger. This part is going fast. The next part will be a long process. HST's to go around the blocks. 

I cut this in the strip set and didn't remember I had a section that didn't go all the way through. I will cut it up for the 9-patches. I keep 9-patches sewn up for quick gratification. 
Here are the leftovers to use in 9-patches. I have 7 more of the small 4-patches around the red blocks from the other quilt I am working on. I had to cut more strips for that to happen. 

I have not had a real good day. I thing the weather this morning set me off. I have the beginning of a migraine. So trying not to be reckless with the rotary cutter today. Chris

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Julierose said...

Oh Chris--I suffer from migraines too, so I hear you. ;000
Rotary cutting seems to set it off for me, too. I have to remember to just do a "few" pieces not all of them at one time.
Hope you fare well, hugs, Julierose