Thursday, April 6, 2017

Small things

Yesterday morning I got up at 3 am. I walked to the back door to see if it was raining. This stopped me in my tracks. Katie had put the doll there earlier and I didn't see it until 3 am. My husband said it reminded him of the movie "Chucky". I had to laugh. What kids will do. 

I cut more strips with the short cut ruler. 

Then I used it to cut squares. It went real slick and fater than individually cutting each strip. 

The sun is out and the sky has wispy clouds. It is breezy and cool out. The Crabapple Trees are opening up. It will be blooming before long. Mine are a little later than other ones, but signs of Spring are around. 

I think i will go in an sew some. I walked through the yard and after falling a couple days ago it was a little stressful on the joints and muscles, but improving. 

Dish washer and washer are both going. So on a roll. TTYL. Chris

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