Sunday, April 2, 2017

Frustrated with myself

Yesterday I started out with getting all my household chores complete because I wanted to go early to a huge multi-family rummage sale. Like 24 families and it was indoors. I got dressed did a few dishes and started laundry. Took garbage to the dumpster and was already to go by 7:45 am. 

Walked down the ramp we have off of the deck and slipped on the frost on the last 4 feet. Well I went clear down and almost hit my head again. 

I struggled to get up and knew it was going to be a ache and pain day after that. I bruised my arm and twisted an ankle and knee. 

I went in and took some Ibuprophen and went back out and went on my way. I got there and the place was packed. 

I walked all around to each table and carried 7 shopping bags with me. I think I spent maybe $35 on some brand new and other gently used closthing for the three girls. 

I came home and sorted for colors and washed it all. So I was up and down. Now this morning I am suffering. The heating pad on my right knee. I should have gotten my hand sewing out, but I didn't want to move more than what I was. 

I was awake in the night for about 2 1/2 hurs so I am sore and sleepy.  Not sure what will happen today, 

The frost was all gone about an hour later, but I wanted to be out the door early. Live and learn. Chris

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Frog Quilter said...

If you want good stuff you go early. Sorry about you getting hurt. Hope it's only a few days before you are back to normal.