Friday, March 31, 2017

Busy but no sewing

The Pink Squad came to visit yesterday. Mom and Dad had to do their taxes.Older sister Autumn took this picture of Charleigh and Kate. 

Then they were acting up and I got the picture of the three of them. 

This was a little better, but they still were acting crazy. They are super busy when they are here and it became a problem because they got loud and woke the baby up.  

Autumn holding Charlotte and The other hand is Kate trying to feed her. She will learn alot from the two of them. Maybe not always right, but isn't that part of growing up. 

I have to go and get a prescription filled for my husband today. And pick up some things at the store and then home to recover my house. I was going to pick it up last night after we had some soup and grilled cheese after they left. In the middle of eating I got a phone call. that they ran out of gas. 

They were on their way home and was going to the gas station when it happened. I stopped eating got a gas can and went to where they were at. They then went on their way, but my soggy grilled sandwich wasn't to great when I got back. 

Kids. He is 40 years old and should know better. 

Well making a list for the grocery and will get ready to go when it is closer to time for the pharmacy to open. Take care Chris 

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