Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is the pattern I am using for this next project. It is called "Fair and Square" by Bonnie Hunter. I think I am only about a quarter of the way through all the piecing. 

This is a closer look to the pattern. It is string blocks and 4-patches in two sizes. 

Here are 15 string blocks I made yesterday and this morning. I have been up since before 3 am. So 2 hours of sewing this morning has happened. 

I did quite a bit of cutting yesterday and need to go back into the tubs and get some more colors cut. Yellow and pink are the two I need. Maybe some greens also. 

Today is errand day. I have to go to the Walmart and stock up on paper products, cleaning supplies and staples like cereal and flour and butter. 

I think it is suppose to be somewhat sunny, but really cold. I think it is like 6 F today. The windchill makes it below zero. 
Stay warm and I will still move forward with the sewing. Chris

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