Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patty's day, but I am Scottish

Most of my Mother's family on both sides were first generation from Scotland. My Father's family came from Sweden and Denmark so definitely European. When I was a kid we were told to wear orange to school on St. Patricks day, because we were Scottish. No one understood that line of thinking. I know the two countries have had feuds for centuries. Yesterday I got up and moved things around so I had a better cutting area. This poor little table was maxed out with to much weight and piles of paperwork, magazines, and stacks of fabric waiting to be cut up. 

I cut for about an hour yesterday and eliminated a lot of that pile of fabric. Then for about 2 hours I did some sewing of more string pieces. The small pieces left over from a string that I couldn't use for another total length I pieced on a white strip to be cut into 1.5 inch 2-patches for the small 4-patches for another element in this quilt top. I have two strip sets now to slice up. 

This morning I got up and sewed for about an hour and 20 minutes. I need to trim the string blocks to a uniform size. 

I would like to get some more of them done. I think I have about 40 of them pieced now. That is 40 out of 60-8.5 inch square string blocks. That uses up a lot of strips. 

When I was cutting of the pile of fabric I finished off some fabric that had been around for at least 15 years. It was transported here from Arizona where my Mother had lived. Might as well use it up.  It has been stored well and is still clean no color distortion at all. Many fabrics that old have a color fading on the folds,  but this is all good. 

Gloomy today suppose to get rain. We have had a little already. I think it will be showers here and there. Things are starting to green up and I think it will be an early mowing year. But I also think it will be a dry year this Summer. 

Stay warm and dry today Spring is coming they say. HAHA!. Chris

Boy I hit spell check and I cannot spell today...........

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