Sunday, March 19, 2017

I can't count

This is suppose to be 60-8 1/2 inch string blocks. Well I must have been half asleep when I cut the papers for them. It is 66 blocks. Well I have some to start the next project. 

This is the alternate block. If you look at the picture behind the block you see it is sashed with a solid black strip. I only have the first one made. I need 30 of these blocks. So a lot more cutting and piecing small 4-patches to make. I have been making the 4-patches all along with the left overs of the strings when I sewed them on the blocks. 

The string blocks are cut in half. The 4 triangles are sewn together for the bigger block. 

They are bright and cheery. I really think this will be a fun quilt when it is done. 

I made up my mind today I would get the string blocks all completed. Now the  fun begins cutting them and stitching the four pieces to make the 30 blocks. 

Tomorrow is another day to get more done. I have had trouble with my upper back. Not sure if the chair isn't at the right height or I am just getting old. My shoulders and back are screaming when I get up. It doesn't matter if it is 15 minutes or 2 hours. I think the chair must not be at the right spot to keep my shoulders from pressing against my ears.

I ordered a couple new rulers. They have been on the market for awhile, but I will share them with you when they get here. I looked for them on Amazon and they were a good price. 

I walked outside today to see what is coming up. The Hydrangea has buds on it. The tree Peony has leaves opening on it and the Maple trees are really opening. I planted bulbs last fall and I am in hopes they come up. I can't see anything as of yet. 

I really want to be out in the yard, but it is a little cool yet. Getting closer to time. 

Hope you had a nice weekend. Chris

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