Thursday, March 2, 2017

Quick Note

Quick note to say I am off to the sewing room. I didn't have a good night. Up and down and still up early like before 4 am.

I took my husband to a new Dr. yesterday. Ours after 6 years left to move closer to his aging parents. which I can understand all of that.

So that took a chunk out of our afternoon. Then I ordered out and boy what a mistake. I ordered lasagna and it was burned on the bottom. I know not to do that again. Plus the indigestion that followed.

I was up every hour for almost the first 5 hours I was suppose to be sleeping. I think between cat naps and then final passout I got maybe 4.5 hours sleep. Before my road trip today I will be getting a nap.

I told you I did cutting the other day. Well I still have plenty to cut. I have more of the 4-patched made and I just want to do some easy sewing.

My road trip is to go to the High School where my grandchildren go and pick up an order  for fresh strawberries from Florida from the FFA. The kids had a fund raiser going on and I ordered a flat of strawberries.

Then the Little blonde girl we call Autumn turns 4 years old today.We didn't find out about her untill she was almost 4 months old. A former girlfriend of my son's had a baby and didn't tell him about it until she was faced with going to jail. Paternity was proven and name change happened and we lover to death.

She is Grandma's big girl now. She helps with the baby and is learning how to do new things all the time. so grandma is going the extra 7 miles to deliver her birthday gift today.

Well this turned into more than a quick note. Need to make another cup of coffee and go sew. Chris

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