Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yesterday was a different day. I left and went to town. We live about 5 miles from the store I like to go to for meat. But instead I went to a thrift shop first.

This thrift shop is associated with a mentally challenged workshop. The profits from the donated clothing goes for Special Olympics for these people. They do work also. They pack boxes for businesses and they have been established for almost 50 years. I feel I contribute in a small way by purchasing kids clothing from them.

Ok so I bought some cute baby clothes and some for the older girls. I did find some like new shirts for my grandson. But the real buy was the 6 mens 100% cotton shirts I bought for 50 cents each. I think I got a great buy.

Today inbetween cleaning and a nap I will cut them up for adding to my stash. I bought a tub the other day to add them all together. I have quite a bit of different homespuns I will add to the tub also. 

I would love to find some chambrey shirts. but most of them just get worn out because they are something you just wear. 

Well we are suppose to get snow after two months of no measurable snow and 70 degree weather. I am miserable because this weather is coming. so I will shuffle around and get my chores done. Have a Good One. Chris

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